For homeless people in our community, a hot meal seems like a luxury. Some resort to rummaging through trash cans in search of something to eat.
The streets are a dangerous place to live. Yet right here in our community people are sleeping on the streets because they have no place to call home.
People who come to the Milwaukee Rescue Mission often arrive with just the clothes on their backs. And those clothes are sometimes worn and tattered.

Your special undesignated gift will enable the Milwaukee Rescue Mission to respond quickly to needs that arise without warning.
Children in Joy House, our family shelter, often come here with their mothers because they have no other family or friends to turn to. So, events like birthdays go unnoticed, without fanfare or celebration.
Cold and wet weather can be miserable. And without warm, dry clothing, a person on the street is more susceptible to illness and despair.

Many who come to the Milwaukee Rescue Mission want more than just meals and shelter. They want the chance to change their lives for good.
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